Reading Chinese Novels

I love reading Novels… and for this past few months Ive been reading (quite addicted) a few of Chinese Novels with English translation.

My fave author so far is Ding Mo.

If you love the Chinese Drama “Love Me if You Dare”, i assure you you’ll gonna be madly deeply and super inlove with the Novel.

i read it 3 or 4 times already and atill cant get enough of it . Ding Mo style of writing is more on crime,criminal profilling,intense action,suspense,drama and of course romance.

Ongoing Reading this 2 Novels When Snail falls in love and Memory Lost (sad to say , English translation is not yet completed)


bye for now

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What’s on my Mind

  • Writing a blog through my phone… and i dont know how it looks like….
  • Planning to write something about my travel , but in the end i change my mind
  • Btw ..Recieve a Message with Their signature from 2 of my Favorite Korean artist, Sandy and KSY
  • I Love Them so much .. and I will always be here to support them

What I am looking for

I love this pic out of thousands that Dara have. In a simple black shirt with her straight black hair matching up with her innocence eyes and simple sweet smile that speak a thousand words. “I may look weak but I’m strong”